The Marvel’s director confirms timeline placement and Secret Invasion exclusion

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The director of the upcoming film “The Marvels” has provided confirmation about its timeline placement, revealing that it won’t incorporate the Secret Invasion storyline. This information was disclosed during interviews related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and the sequel to Captain Marvel. When queried about the movie’s timeline and its connection to recent Marvel events, the director opted to disregard Secret Invasion but did confirm that Kamala Khan, who was 16 in “Miss Marvel,” remains the same age in this film, indicating a seamless continuation from the series.

“The Marvels” unfolds predominantly in the distant reaches of the galaxy, with minimal events occurring on Earth. This scenario explains why characters like Nick Fury may not be able to rely on the assistance of Captain Marvel or Monica, as they are potentially engaged in their own cosmic adventures. Additionally, this sets the stage for a prequel to Secret Invasion. Fans are hopeful that this film will focus on making Captain Marvel a more relatable and engaging character, considering her somewhat stoic portrayal in the first installment. The anticipation is that “The Marvels” will offer an entertaining cinematic experience and not disappoint like the Secret Invasion storyline did.

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