The post-credits scene of Ant-Man 3 features a connection between John Krasinski and Fantastic Four

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A post-credits sequence from Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania swiftly made a reference to Fantastic Four hero Reed Richards played by John Krasinski. Although there have been a variety of responses from moviegoers to Ant-Man 3, the post-credits sequences from the first film of Phase 5 have generally been viewed as a huge success in laying the groundwork for the MCU’s future. Before the whole film was published, critics referred to these two post-credits stingers, both of which established crucial narrative lines for subsequent Phase 5 and Phase 6 trips, as “quite weird,” “wild,” and “extremely essential.” The main concerns now centre on how Kang the Conqueror’s presence would be noticed over the ensuing years after he officially imposed his authority on the MCU for the first time.

There was a visual allusion to Reed Richards from Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, played by John Krasinski, in the mid-credits sequence in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

Many Kang Variants band together in this scenario, bringing the Council of Kangs to the foreground of the MCU while Immortus, Rama-Tut, and Scarlet Centurion observe the gathering. These Kangs go there using portals that resemble the Time Platform that John Krasinski’s Reed Richards utilised in Doctor Strange 2 to reach the Illuminati’s chamber.

Kang is a direct descendent of Reed Richards, and the Fantastic Four villain Doctor Doom is also believed to have used a similar portal in the comics. The Fantastic Four have utilised Doom’s Time Portal against him as well as to help him accomplish his objectives by using it to travel through space and time.

The Time Variance Authority utilised a similar gateway to go to numerous locations across time in Season 1 of Loki.

It is not surprising to discover this relationship between Kang and Reed Richards, especially given that Nathaniel Richards, a cutting-edge descendent of Reed, is one significant Kang Variant. Even though it’s a subject that many in the MCU have shied away from, it’s one that eventually has to be tackled. Kang may appear in the Fantastic Four movie in 2025, according to recent comments made by Marvel producer Stephen Broussard, who also hinted that Kang references might appear throughout the MCU narrative.

In terms of the sequence in the middle of the credits, the design of the portal that these Kangs employ only strengthens their connection to Reed Richards. Kang may or may not serve as the Fantastic Four’s major antagonist in their movie. But, the bond they share in the comics makes readers want to see them engage in a more significant plot in the future. Although Ant-Man 3 will help remind fans that Marvel’s First Family is on the road, it is still unclear how the Fantastic Four will fit into the story.

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