The role of Killian Scott in the Secret Invasion described

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With little screen time, Secret Invasion does a wonderful job of giving its different supporting Skrulls a lot of personality. Beyond the central dramatic trio of Gravik, Talos, and G’iah is a vast network of Skrull spies operating at every level of their complex scheme. The fact that those secondary characters leave a lasting impact in such a short period of time speaks highly of the series. Pagon, Gravik’s second-in-command, who is important in his interactions with G’iah, is among them. Although Pagon has very few words and a grim demeanour, actor Killian Scott does wonders with him. After spending a big portion of his career on Irish television, it’s also an opportunity for fans worldwide to get familiar with his work.

In the first two episodes of Secret Invasion, Pagon acts as Gravik’s devoted assistant, carrying out crucial duties including obtaining the bombs that detonate at the start of Season 1, Episode 1, “Resurrection,” and replacing certain people with Skrulls. He is so completely devoted to Gravik that he confuses Gravik with the greater cause that they are all fighting for. Most of the time, he is quiet and cautious, preferring to observe a situation rather than take action.

Audiences can immediately sense the tension that is created between the commander and the lieutenant as a result. Kingsley Ben-Adir, who portrays Gravik, is quoted in a recent Collider piece as saying the following about their relationship: “I was wondering what would happen if you really hated this person but still kind of needed them around.” It gives the impression of Pagon as a somewhat ambitious weasel who wants to be in command but has the guts to make the crucial choices. Gravik keeps him at a safe distance and, if necessary, may even turn against him.

Given the character’s comic book background, that gets much more fascinating. Skrull Pagon has been the Hand’s leader for years by pretending to be Elektra. The New Avengers watch as “Elektra’s” corpse transforms back into a Skrull’s after Echo murders him in 2007’s New Avengers #31 (Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Yu, Dave McCraig, Richard Starkings, and Albert Deschesne). Later, the Secret Invasion plotline, which is the basis for the present series, is launched from his preserved body. Pagon eventually dies voluntarily as part of the broader Skrull agenda, which raises the possibility of a similar destiny for the MCU counterpart as they advance towards planetary dominance.

Despite having a large following in his home Ireland, Scott is little unknown to American audiences. He gained notoriety in the crime drama series Love/Hate, which aired from 2010 to 2014 and followed the schemes of an underground gang. It contains the type of Machiavellian plotting and overall sleaze that Secret Invasion is effectively utilising, thus it is not difficult to draw the comparison to Pagon. He is perhaps best known to American viewers for his role in the 2017 Netflix series Damnation, in which he also played a steely, tight-lipped tough man. That is extensively emphasised in Secret Invasion, which lends Pagon a sinister appearance just by the way Scott moves his gaze. It also demonstrates the show’s simplistic treatment of the extraterrestrial invasion. Despite the Skrulls’ advanced technology, the series focuses on their strategy at the ground level. Scott is the ideal performer to keep things realistic.

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