The story of Secret Invasion is not continued in Captain America 4

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A fresh report suggests that Secret Invasion’s spectacular events won’t be continued in Captain America: Brave fresh World. Twitter user @QuicVacuo shared a rumour from internet insider DanielRPK regarding how several of Secret Invasion’s bombshell revelations and plot twists would not be addressed in the Anthony Mackie-led Captain America sequel. The news comes after Secret Invasion concluded with its climactic episode, in which Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and G’iah (Emilia Clarke) managed to save the majority of the Skrull characters who had been replaced by humans. When asked if The Marvels will address the events of Secret Invasion, @QuicVacuo said that the series has started a plot arc that would be continued in the Brie Larson-starring Marvel Cinematic Universe film and then in the Don Cheadle-starring Armour Wars.

While it seems probable that Sam Wilson (Mackie) will take up the mantle that Steve Rogers left for him in Captain America: Brave New World, Secret Invasion left several loose ends that are already getting MCU fans excited. The MCU’s transition from President Ritson (Dermot Mulroney) to retired general-turned-U.S. Senator Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross, to be played by Harrison Ford, who succeeds the late William Hurt in Brave New World, is one of the unresolved issues. Actor Mulroney appears to be okay with Ford’s Ross taking over as president based on Ritson’s new bill against the Skrulls, which sparks unrest at the conclusion of Secret Invasion. “I feel really happy and grateful to have been a part of Secret Invasion, but I have no idea if Ritson survives, lives on, or the plot moves forward without her. Naturally, that would be exciting,” Mulroney added. But I suppose it’s okay if I have to lose the next election to one American, and that American happens to be Harrison Ford. It’s okay that way. There is nothing about two terms, so perhaps I can flee. I suppose I could be his vice president. Under President Harrison Ford, I may serve two terms as president and two terms as vice president.

What will happen to James “Rhodey” Rhodes (Cheadle) is another unresolved issue that Captain America: Brave New World is unlikely to address. War Machine’s unintentional paralysis by Vision during the events of Captain America: Civil War in 2016 was an indication in Secret Invasion that Rhodes was being taken hostage by the Skrulls at the time. Rhodes will be in the next Armour Wars film, and Kevin Feige, the chairman of Marvel Studios, said that MCU viewers would finally “understand exactly how long he’s been a Skrull.”

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