The Super-Skrulls of Secret Invasion might have an unusual supplier

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Secret Invasion has fundamentally transformed the Marvel Cinematic Universe by demonstrating that long-time allies, the Skrulls, may be considerably more lethal as foes vying for a position in the cosmos. The series recounts Nick Fury’s return to Earth following The Blip, only to discover that one Skrull, Gravik, has engineered a revolution in the hopes of making Earth the new Skrull homeworld. To accomplish this, he has used deceit and terrorist techniques, such as replacing global leaders with Skrull operatives and destroying strategic places to foment conflict. Their greatest achievement, however, was the transformation of Skrulls into Super-Skrulls. In the comics, the Super-Skrull was the Skrull version of a super soldier, gaining Fantastic Four powers. In the MCU, the Super-Skrulls used Groot’s stretching, Cull Obsidian’s strength, the power of a Frost Beast, and Extremis’ healing and heating powers. While the origins of three of these powers are clear, with Groot’s branches most likely located in Wakanda, Exrtremis remains a mystery. The solution, however, may be linked to a new villain on the scene who has already equipped select people with talents — Sharon Carter, dubbed The Power Broker.

Abraham Erskine developed the Super Soldier Serum, which entailed combining his serum with Vida radiation to speed up the bonding process. This resulted in the creation of Captain America, but Erskine was slain by a Hydra agent after the successful test. The serum, like Extremis, provided the user heightened skills and faster healing, but not as quickly as Extremis. Professor Nagel enhanced and improved the serum in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but he, too, met the same end as Erskine, being gunned down by Zemo. Extremis has a terrible background comparable to the Super Soldier Serum in that its developer, Maya Hansen, just intended to heal the world. Extremis was intended to heal wounds in an instant and even prevent incurable illnesses, but it was flawed since it frequently resulted in an explosion. When it worked, however, the user became stronger and could recover from wounds, as well as generate great heat and even breathe fire. Unfortunately, the serum, like Erskine, was supposedly lost when Hansen’s boss, Aldrich Killian, killed her death. Nonetheless, the serum data persisted and may have ended up in Sharon Carter’s hands. If that’s the case, Extremis has a horrible irony in that its inventor shared a similar history with Erskine, only to be utilised for bad purposes by the niece of the lady who knew him.

The Skrulls proved they could hold their own in battle against the Kree Empire, due to their improved weaponry and increased strength. Their actual talent, however, resided in their ability to disguise and fool those they wished to destroy. Captain Marvel demonstrated this effectively, since a lone Skrull could sneak up on an elite squad like Starforce without their knowledge. However, their actual potential had not to be utilised until Secret Invasion, though it was hinted at when Talos and Soren appeared as Nick Fury and Maria Hill. Secret Invasion demonstrated how horrific a Skrull invasion might be, as it is nearly difficult to tell a Skrull apart from a human without murdering them. Instead, viewers are kept wondering until a character dies or reveals themselves on their own, resulting in the revelation that the world’s most powerful people have already been replaced. Because Skrulls have a natural tendency to be professionals at deceit, it’s not impossible for them to acquire the trust of humans and utilise their abilities for their own profit, which is why they may have obtained Extremis from a source such as The Power Broker.

At the end of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Sharon revealed that she was a savvy businesswoman known as The Power Broker, rather than an ally. Survival on the run in Madripoor meant establishing control, which led her to become the top authority on creating and marketing abilities such as the Super Soldier Serum. Given that Extremis was, at its heart, data that didn’t require a sample, an ex-spy would have no trouble locating said data. With proven Extremis troops still alive, she may have kidnapped and reverse-engineered Extremis from one of them. With the United States representing a fresh economic opportunity, a rogue Skrull wishing to beef up their arsenal may take advantage of her desire to make an impression by purchasing an Extremis sample to add to their Super-Skrull arsenal.

The Power Broker was the villain that gave John Walker and Lamar Hoskins their abilities in the comics, since the evil’s purpose was to make anybody powerful. Given that the MCU’s landscape has proven to be more unfriendly, it’s a wonderful opportunity to investigate how Sharon has instead decided to provide nascent villains with the technology required to obtain what they desired. In essence, she would be doing the same function as The Tinkerer in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but with genetic upgrades in addition to guns and other equipment. If Sharon does equip the Skrulls with Extremis, it will demonstrate that she is more than ready to make a mark by ushering in a new generation of baddies. For the time being, the most disastrous thing she’d done was produce the Super Soldier Serum. However, if the Super-Skrull has any ties to The Power Broker, it would indicate that Sharon has been working nonstop and is on her way to selling even more lethal weapons. In the end, Sharon Carter may present a slew of new challenges for a new generation of heroes, and the Super-Skrull may be only the tip of the iceberg.

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