Thor : Love and Thunder, Synopsis, Spoiler Alert!

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So, if you wanna know the whole accurate story of the movie you are in the right place.

The beginning of the movie starts with a sad scene , where Gorr is with her daughter suffering with death in a desert-like place. After that her daughter passed away.

Then  the next scene is turned into a morning. Gorr is woken up and goes into a forest-like area. Where there is water and fruits he thinks that he is saved by the god of Light.

But he is wrong , the gods are celebrating because they have killed the owner of the sward who comes to kill the God. And Gorr cries in front of God to save him but God refuses him. Then he realizes that God is not worthy of worship . And the sword also chooses him . After that he kills the first God, the god of light and takes an oath to kill all the Gods.

After that in the next scene the story focuses on Korg . Where Korg is telling a story about Thor to the kids. He is telling about Thor’s bravery , heroism and affairs and love life. Thor’s love life is not going so well , it goes like ups and down, and at last he ends up with a broken heart. 

After that he got fat and started an unhealthy lifestyle for some days. But again he has got in shape. And goes for various adventures to save the universe.

After that we have seen Thor fighting with some bird- like creature , With Guardians Of the Galaxy team . Where he defeats the bird- like creature with some amazing fighting moves. But he destroys the temple. After that the king gifted Thor two giant sheep , well they screamed a lot.

 After that in the next scene the story focuses on Jane Foster. Who is fighting with cancer. She is in her 4th stage of the cancer. And she has no more time. The medicine seems not working well for her , so she moves to Asgard. Because she feels that Mjolnir is calling her. And also she loves Thor deep down inside her heart. So she wants to see him for the last time. Where Mjolnir chooses her .

After that in the next scene the story focuses on New Asgard , the beautiful place where people of Asgard are living peacefully. This time it looks like this place somewhere on this earth. Where we have seen a funny drama is running in the theater. They are playing the story of Thor Rangrock. And then Gorr the god arrives on Asgard and tries to kill Thor with the sword. But did not succeed and kidnaps all the children of Asgard. In between the fighting Thor meets with his ex-girlfriend , and is amazed by seeing her in Mighty Thor’s costume and Mjolnir.

After that in the next scene the story focuses on Thor’s team. Thor is planning to build a team of Gods to fight against Gorr. And goes to Optimus to ask the help of Zeus. But sadly Zeus refuses to help him. And attacks on the Korg and Thor, and in the return gift Thor also attacks Zeus and defeats him . And takes his Thunderbolt and goes to fight with the Gorr. Well we saw a tattoo on Thor’s back having Loki’s name and crown.

After that it focuses on some romantic scene between Jane and Thor. They confess to each other what they have done in the past. And a kissing scene comes . After that they landed on the shadowrealm. Where Gorr tries to catch them into a trap . But Jane comes to know that and throws Thor’s  Stormbreaker. Because Gorr wants Thor’s Stromebreaker to open the door of eternity . After that Gorr captures all of them and tries to hurt Jane and forces Thor to call the Stormbreaker. After that a small fight happens and injures Valkyrie then Thor tries to take them safely to Asgard but Gorr takes the Stormbreaker at that time.

After that in the next scene we have seen that they have arrived in Asgard , and Thor takes care of Jane who is admitted in the hospital , and Valkyrie also got injured in the kidney. So Thor goes to fight with Gorr alone. And On the other hand Gorr is trying to open the door of eternity. Thor arrives at the place and shares his power with children, and all the children become Thor for sometime , and the children Thor army also fights against evil. At the last stage Thor starts losing against Gorr and then Jane comes and attacks Gorr. At last they have managed to break the sword of Gorr.

After that in the next scene the door of eternity is opened. Gorr enters first after that we have seen everyone inside the eternity door. Jane is lying on the ground because her last time comes. At that time before Gorr makes his wish to eternity Thor said to Gorr that, “ You won and  I lost, now I will give my time to my love at her last ending time of her life , you also can choose love and wish her back. Your wish will be fulfilled “. Then Gorr wishes his daughter from eternity and Jane also takes her last breath on Thor’s arm. Gorr also died and Thor adopted Gorr’s daughter.

After that in the next scene we have seen Thor in a responsible parent’s look. Asgard is also looking beautiful with Mighty Thor’s statue. And then we saw Thor and daughter of Gorr going on a new adventure to save the universe. And in the last ending of the movie we have seen Hercules the son of Zeus is coming to take revenge from Thor for what Thor has done to Zeus. Maybe in the upcoming movie we will see Thor vs Hercules.


Marvel Studios’ THOR: LOVE AND THUNDER stars Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale. Directed by Taika Waititi. In theaters July 8, 2022.

Director : Taika Waititi

Cast : Chris Hemsworth, Tessa Thompson, Natalie Portman and Christian Bale

Release Date : July 8, 2022

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