Tom Holland has signed a new contract for Spider-Man 4; Sony wants film out by 2024

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Tom Smith claims Tom Holland has signed a new contract for Spider-Man 4;

Sony is pushing the production team to get the movie released by mid 2024, we are also hearing that it will also bring back Madame Web (Dakota Johnson), although her solo movie is set to release in Mid 2023.

Other details of note from Tom Smith:

  • Sony would like Jon Watts to direct, but he seems to want a break from superheroes after doing a Spider-Man trilogy.
  • Zendaya is wanted for a role (but there’s no word on its size).
  • Like ViewerAnon said ages ago, one idea is for Miles Morales to be part of the story as a neighbor in Peter Parker’s apartment building.
  • Sony has been working on a script/story with Marvel, and it seems that right now their biggest priority before formally announcing the film is finding a director. Sony will handle said announcement, not Marvel Studios.
  • Disney will make sure that this and Thunderbolts won’t overlap in terms of release dates. (While he mentions July 2024 as a potential target release month, it’s also possible that Sony pushes the film later into that year, and that Marvel won’t have to shift the release of Thunderbolts at all.)

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