WandaVision VFX coordinator endured 18-Hour workdays for 3 months until episode 10 release

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The International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) election vote this week by more than 50 Visual Effects (VFX) employees at Marvel has made the precarious working circumstances that many VFX artists endure public. Despite the extensive unionization of the entertainment sector, many employees have had difficulty obtaining fair treatment and even the most basic rights. The demands for equal pay, access to healthcare, and pension benefits are totally acceptable in light of the enormous revenues produced by the business, according to Mark Patch, an IATSE VFX organizer. Not only has the decision to unionize been long overdue, but it is also crucial to the future viability of their business.

The VFX workers emphasise that there have been many difficulties in their field. VFX teams have been overworked and burned out as a result of the demand for material, which is mostly being driven by the expansion of streaming services. Due to the enormous workload and short deadlines, their work has suffered, and large projects have occasionally featured hurried and poor effects. An organizer named Alex Torres draws attention to the tremendous strain VFX employees experience, frequently racing against the clock to satisfy bosses’ irrational demands that they may not fully understand.

The choice to unionise is made to pave the road for future artists as well as the present generation of VFX employees. Their lives are now unsustainable due to a lack of job stability, healthcare coverage, and fair pay. These problems are seen to be addressed and required change brought about through unionisation. These employees desire a more reasonable and compassionate working environment in a field that has long benefited from their creative contributions. By banding together with well-established unions like IATSE, they seek to acquire the bargaining strength necessary to secure fair conditions for their labour.

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