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The evil Agatha Harkness appears in an action-packed deleted battle sequence from Marvel Studios’ WandaVision, which was just made public. As the Disney+ era of the MCU marches forward with a busy calendar for 2023, the enchanted Marvel series recently celebrated its second birthday. However, it is enjoyable to reflect on the undertaking that served as its impetus. The Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany-starring homage to sitcom history was a rousing success, with Matt Roembke says it a “deep and in-depth sadness, despair, and loss” in his review. Despite having a nine-episode run, it turns out that there was a lot of substance that was removed, including a few action scenes.

A fight scene from Agatha’s Extra WandaVision

A deleted fight sequence with the series antagonist Agatha Harkness was released in a new video by WandaVision stunt double Whitney Coleman. Coleman is battling what appear to be a few stand-ins, so it’s unclear who Agatha is up against. It’s also unclear when this would have happened in the series.
You may view the complete video below:

What Caused the WandaVision Fight to be Cut?

It is intriguing that this action scene was never included in the finished product, even though Kathryn Hahn’s Agatha had plenty to do throughout WandaVision’s eight-week run. It sounds lively, vibrant, and — some may even argue — a bit more engaging than what viewers finally witnessed during Agatha and Wanda’s last showdown. The Agatha stunt double’s outfit alone suggests that this scene would have appeared in the series finale at some point, maybe with the wicked witch facing off against the Westview residents.

But there was undoubtedly a valid reason why it didn’t succeed. Action scenes that are cut short are nothing new for Marvel Studios. The MCU brass often has a reason for making the choice they do, no matter how amazing they may sound on paper. For instance, a comparable battle scene in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness was ultimately removed because it may have pushed the movie into R-rated area. Although it doesn’t appear that this WandaVision scenario would have violated any mature content restrictions, the series’ creative team must have had a solid reason.

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