What If Season 2 Is Seriously Delayed?

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One of the more thought-provoking MCU programmes we’ve seen in a while is What If. It made its Disney+ debut in 2021 and aired for nine episodes before gripping viewers and ending with the line, “You thought the narrative was over…but it was just just the beginning,” as quoted by The Watcher. What If…? gives plenty of ground for more episodes with limitless potential after a startling conclusion.
The animated series examines the multiple different timelines created in the universe and shows what results await those who dare to meddle with it, adapting from Marvel Comics’ What If…? The series was made interesting not only by the intriguing persona of The Watcher but also by a number of thrilling possibilities, such as what if Captain Carter had become the first Avenger and what if Ultron had triumphed. Marvel Studios has already given the programme a second and third season renewal in light of the possibilities the universe presents. Here is what is known about What If…? season 2 despite how little is known about the third season.

What If…? Season 2: Plot

Marvel debuted the second season’s teaser at San Diego Comic-Con 2022, sparking our imaginations as to what thrilling events may take place in the upcoming season. Season 2 starts out with a combat, similar to season 1, except this time Captain Carter is up against Steve Rogers, who is driving the HYDRA Stomper. It indicates that Steve is captured by HYDRA in instead of Bucky, and we witness Captain America: Winter Soldier, in which Peggy Carter plays Captain America and Steve Rogers plays Winter Soldier.

We shall see Hela in subsequent episodes in a different light, as the teaser hinted. It could coincide in some way with Captain Carter, who unintentionally entered another universe and went into the future. The delivery of Quill to his father, Ego, after these incidents suggests another what-if scenario. The Scarlet Witch’s entry when The Watcher exclaims “The Multiverse” is the most thrilling aspect, though. It may be a hint at a what-if scenario from the movie Multiverse of Madness when things spiralled out of control.

As the teaser continues, we see Odin engaged in combat with Wenwu and Ying Li, which is a really exciting scene. Later, in the Infinity War, Captain America breaks the time stone, creating yet another altered history that affects later events. It appears that the second season will include more challenging and interesting what-if scenarios.

What If…? Season 2: Casting

The Watcher, played by Jeffrey Wright, will return for season 2 to witness more disasters, but many of the voice actors who were previously cast in the show will return in their respective roles. These include Hayley Attwell as Peggy Carter, Josh Keaton as Steve Rogers, Lake Bell as Natasha Romanoff, Sebastian Stan as Bucky Barnes, Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximoff, Rachel Weisz as Melina Vostokoff, Cynthia McWilliams as Gamora.
Even if a few other significant characters will be featured in the second season, at this time, nothing is known about the cast members.

Release Date

Marvel did not specify a release date despite declaring the second and third seasons would be renewed when season one ended. What If…? season 2 will instead debut in early 2023, as stated at the San Diego Comic-Con 2022 and on the official Marvel website. Ashley C. Bradley, the show’s chief writer and executive producer, discussed her ideas for the second season in an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

“Going into the second season, we’re sticking with the anthology form, and it’s going to be all-new stories, lots of fun, new heroes, and pulling more from Phase Four than we were able to this season. Hopefully, we’ll see hints of Eternals and Shang-Chi and the Black Widow characters. The fun of What If…? is that we get to explore the entire infinite multiverse, so we try to bounce around as much as we can. I want to play with all these characters, and as much as I love Captain Carter, we’ve got to share the love. I’m very excited to show new worlds, new heroes.”

What If…? season 2 is very likely to produce content that surpasses the first season while Marvel gets ready for the next phase and digs deeper into the Multiverse concept. Contrary to popular assumption, the first season took a darker turn without compromising the situation. Fans would be happy to see recurring themes in the second season, as well as more captivating plotlines and unexpected turns. Check out these MCU Shows coming to Disney+ in 2023 while you wait for What If…? season 2 and celebrate the renewal of the third season.

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