What If…? season 2 released new trailer and holiday premiere date

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The official trailer for Marvel’s second season of What If…? is now available onDisney+. Marvel Entertainment posted a new teaser for the animated anthology programme on YouTube, giving fans a first look at some of the upcoming episodes from the show’s second season. New tales with Peggy Carter, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, Ant-Man, Korg, Happy Hogan, and more characters are included. The teaser also reveals that the second season will debut on December 22, 2023. The official Season 2 key image also hints to the Christmas theme by highlighting that date. Here’s a look at the new trailer ahead of the big debut. In the latest teaser for What If…? Season 2, Jeffrey Wright returns as The Watcher’s voice. “What If… Captain Carter Fought the Hydra Stomper?” is the title of the first episode of Season 2, which was revealed during the San Diego Comic-Con. The upcoming season will also have storylines like Odin facing off against The Mandarin and Tony Stark taking Thor’s place in a Valkyrie and Hulk team-up on Sakaar. Rumours also abound of a tale of Hela discovering the Ten Rings.

The Marvel Comics series, which uses a similar idea, served as inspiration for the animated series. The non-canon stories, which take place in other parts of the universe, speculate about how some events may have transpired quite differently. Despite the fact that the stories are unrelated to one another, Wright’s Watcher acts as the narrator and unchanging link between them. A.C. Bradley developed the first season, which was much praised and resulted in the renewal of the second season. Beyond the impending Season 2, a third season of the programme is also planned.

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