What really takes place during Iron Man and Emma Frost’s honeymoon?

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Marvel surprised the comic book industry last month by really having Emma Frost of the X-Men get married to Tony Stark, Iron Man. Of course, things aren’t always as they appear, as seen by what occurs in their Hawaiin honeymoon room behind closed doors in this CBR exclusive preview of Invincible Iron Man, which comes out the following week. Invincible Iron Man follows the horrific events of the previous issue, when Emma Frost and Tony Stark were wed, and is written by Gerry Duggan, illustrated by Andrea Di Vito, coloured by Bryan Valenza, and lettered by Joe Caramagna.After the anti-mutant group, Orchis, declared war on all mutants in the ongoing crossover event, Fall of X, Frost went undercover as Tony Stark’s executive assistant, Hazel Kendal, with only a small number of X-Men still fighting against Orchis from underground (with power inhibitor rings to hide their mutant powers from mutant-hunting sentinels built by Feilong, a masked mutant).

Feilong interrupted Frost and Tony at a cocktail party when she intended to use her abilities to murder Feilong, and Tony tried to make her put her power inhibitor ring back on. As a result, Frost found herself being compelled to marry Tony Stark.Tony begged her to continue playing the long game against Orchis by staying hidden.Then, when Tony told Feilong he wasn’t invited to their wedding, Tony knew Feilong would crash it. When he did, Emma Frost used her powers to learn all of Feilong’s secrets, including a mysterious metal Tony Stark’s father had been obsessed with that is actually a mutant metal known as Mysterium. When Feilong crashed the wedding, Emma Frost used her powers to learn all of Feilong’s secrets.

The takeover of the Hellfire Club by Tony and Emma with the assistance of Wilson Fisk, the Kingpin of Crime, is another element of Tony and Emma’s strategy to defeat Orchis.In return, they appointed Fisk as the new leader of the Hellfire Club. Fisk has a stake in the mutant community because his most recent wife, the mutant known as Typhoid Mary, seemed to be one of the victims of Orchis’ lethal attack on the most recent Hellfire Gala for the X-Men. Fisk has been defending Jim Rhodes, Tony’s closest friend, who Feilong set up as the murder victim with the intention of having Rhodes killed in jail.Fisk set up superhuman muscle to guard Rhodes while he was imprisoned.Naturally, Tony will have to pay the price for making a bargain with the devil at some point, but he must be prepared to do so in order to save his buddy.

The preview pages for the upcoming issue of Invincible Iron Man show Tony and “Hazel” pretending to be on a celebrity honeymoon in Hawaii (one of the few places Tony can afford now that Feilong has stolen his company from him), but Tony has actually been working on a new suit of armour made out of the mutant metal known as Mysterium and is on his way to the X-Men’s former base on Krakoa. Professor Charles Xavier is the only person living on Krakoa right now. Orchis forced him to send the majority of Krakoa’s 200,000 mutants to the X-Men’s secondary base on Arakko after learning that the mutants had tampered with the medicine that the X-Men had been giving to the Earth’s population, and that if Xavier didn’t send the mutants away, millions of humans would perish from mutant medicine. When none of the mutants showed up at Arakko, Xavier was astonished.Since Sebastian Shaw, another armoured character, just attacked Xavier on Krakoa in the most recent Immortal X-Men Fall of X tie-in issue, it would be intriguing to see what transpires when he encounters Iron Man there.

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