Which X-Men villain will attack Krakoa as the evil Iron Man?

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Sebastian Shaw is upset that Charles Xavier is still the only mutant on Krakoa after the Fall of X. Shaw made a deal with the anti-mutant group Orchis to buy Krakoa, and now he needs to get Xavier out of the island to profit from that deal. In this CBR exclusive preview of next week’s Immortal X-Men, Shaw must resort to becoming an evil version of Iron Man. Immortal X-Men, by Kieron Gillen, Lucas Werneck, David Curiel, Clayton Cowles, and Mark Brooks, continues the Fall of X storyline, in which Charles Xavier was compelled to transport Krakoa’s mutant population to the X-Men’s base on Arakko (previously known as Mars) using teleportation gates after an Orchis attack during the annual Hellfire Gala. The mutants, however, never showed up. Even Orchis was caught off guard since something went wrong with its plans for the mutants to arrive at Ararkko, where Orchis intended to sway the evil Genesis into fighting the mutants once they did. Xavier is virtually catatonic since he thinks the mutants are all dead. Even though he is nearly catatonic, Xavier won’t let Shaw’s operatives try to plunder the island for financial benefit, therefore in the previous two issues, Xavier has resisted all attempts to invade Krakoa. Shaw needs to go above and above.

To seize control of Krakoa, Shaw has been collaborating with his former Hellfire Club coworker, Selene. The bulk of the mutants, though, were found to have survived, and this issue promises to have some type of contact between the modern mutant Apocalypse and the mutant survivors who were lost near the Atlantic version of Krakoa. The latest squad of operatives that Shaw and Selene dispatched to Krakoa had formidable psi-proof body armour, but Xavier still managed to destroy them, as shown in these preview pages. Shaw now tells Selene that he had a unique set of armour created, perhaps using stolen Stark Technology (after Feilong’s takeover of Stark Unlimited to create Sentinels bearing the Stark trademark). Shaw aims to use the Hellfire Armour to finally eliminate Xavier so that he may take advantage of Krakoa and make as much money as can from it. The result of that will probably be published in the issue that comes out the following week.

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