Why Marvel’s Kang resisted Michael B. Jordan’s advice

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When it came to playing Kang the Conqueror, Jonathan Majors claims that he didn’t listen to any guidance from Michael B. Jordan, who played Killmonger, the infamous antagonist from the Black Panther film. The MCU has many villains, but Josh Brolin’s Thanos and Michael B. Jordan’s Erik Killmonger have perhaps received the most acclaim. When Majors assumes his new Marvel job and prepares to become the largest villain the Marvel Cinematic Universe has ever seen, he must battle not one but two legendary figures. Funny thing is, Majors and Jordan are also close friends in real life. As strange as it may sound, the actor who plays Kang the Conqueror said that he has not heeded his friend’s advise about terrifying the MCU.

Despite the latter actor’s legendary depiction as Killmonger in Black Panther, Jonathan Majors claimed in an interview with ET Online that he and Michael B. Jordan didn’t exchange any advise regarding his major Marvel role. Yet, did Majors ever look for it? The individual himself said that he didn’t since comparing was bad for “his mental health:”

“I didn’t, and I don’t really think that, either. Each man and every artist has their own perspective on it. I don’t really care what other people’s experiences are because, for me, at this level, I’m about to be released in two enormous blockbusters. I can’t make a comparison for myself and my mental health. I can only hope for a positive experience as a result.”

The actor continued by saying, “He doesn’t want anybody else in his thoughts when it comes to getting advise from people:”

“I don’t want to expose myself to any cautions, trepidations, other people’s perspectives, or trauma related to an event, a person, etc. I work at my best when I feel safe. where I’m comfortable being dangerous. Or I’m comfortable enough to take risks. Nobody else should be allowed inside my head.”

Early in February, Majors did hint in a different interview with ET Online that he and Jordan might still occasionally discuss their Marvel work:

“That’s my best friend, and we get along great… We support one another on a daily basis, so if it’s Marvel that day, if it’s girl troubles that day, whatever. My brother is him.

Jordan himself called Majors “amazing” and claimed that he and his work are “finally receiving the props that are due” in a 2022 interview with Collider.

“To begin with, Jonathan Majors is amazing. We are incredibly fortunate and blessed to have him participate in this tale. Just having that running mate and partner made a huge difference for me as a director. He has a lot of talent. Every day, more people are learning about this man’s incredibleness, and his work is now receiving the recognition it deserves.”

Jordan went on to talk about working with Majors on Creed III, saying that it helped forge “a friendship that’ll live forever” between the actor and the director.

Jonathan Majors was amazing. Every day, he arrived prepared for work and for battle. It was my first time examining that relationship between director and actor, and we bonded in a way that I’ve never had the chance to do. Now I fully comprehend that. It’s a connection that will always exist.

It’s difficult not to wish Majors and Jordan were both in a Marvel Studios movie together given how close they are. However, it seems unlikely that the two actors will ever share a scene in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It’s likely not impossible, though, given Kang’s proclivity for time travel and mischief in the Multiverse. His perspective is understandable when it comes to Majors receiving counsel. The fact that Killmonger and Kang represent two extremely distinct points of view should also be noted. One is intended to complement and convey a particular tale in one movie, and the other is planned to be played throughout several films and television programmes, ultimately growing to the full Multiverse Saga.

The pair is appearing in Creed III, which opens in cinemas on March 3, 2023, despite the fact that they might not have an MCU moment anytime soon.

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