Will Disney+ Produce Marvel Films? Producer for the MCU Replies

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Many people have wondered if Disney+ may deliver direct-to-streaming Marvel movies in light of its success in introducing small-screen storytelling for the MCU, but a recent comment from one of its top executives provided a depressing update. Due to the shutdown of movie theatres, the pandemic caused an unforeseen alteration to the watching habits of many fans. Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow was the result, and it was the first film to simultaneously debut on Disney+ and in cinemas. However, when people’s health began to improve, movie theatres eventually started to rebound. This did not, however, prevent Disney+ from launching a number of iconic MCU programmes, including The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, WandaVision, and Moon Knight.

While reiterating that “theatrical is a proven way to” create franchises, former Disney CEO Bob Chapek also pointed out that the streaming service has been quite successful, using Black Widow as an illustration. Marvel has now clarified if a Marvel film would premiere on Disney+ as opposed to in cinemas.

Nate Moore, a producer at Marvel Studios, was questioned if Disney+ will ever provide a direct-to-stream Marvel movie. Moore said “no,” stating that they wanted to “preserve” the ability for shows to be on Disney+ and for films to be shown in theatres:

“No, I mean… ” We are all huge fans of the theatrical experience, including Kevin Feige. And, to be honest, one of the advantages of our ability to produce Disney+ series is that they can coexist. The movies and the series are both available through your service. And that is something we want to keep around as long as we can. Disney has also been helpful, which is wonderful.

Moore’s statement was a reiteration of Kevin Feige’s earlier statements about Marvel Studios. Every Marvel film is developed with the theatrical audience in mind, according to Feige, who explained that it all comes down to “delivering on a promise of an experience:”

“We make movies with the intention of fulfilling a promise of an experience that will be shared in a theatre. And observing when people laugh or become incredibly silent and still, or, if we are lucky, when people cheer, during specific scenes in the film.”

The head of Marvel stated, “There’s nothing greater than witnessing the audience respond to specific points in the movie:

There is nothing better than watching it happen in a theatre after spending years and years trying to prepare for it. Every choice we make is based on how the audience would feel if they were watching the story in a crowded theatre.

Feige discussed the studio’s strategy for streaming in a different interview at the Emmys. The head of the MCU initially acknowledged having “a near-unhealthy affection and fascination” as a child with some of the characters on his favourite programmes, including Alice and Little House on the Prairie. Feige continued by discussing the advantages of streaming, even asserting that it is “100% the future”:

“Streaming is without a doubt the way consumers will watch content in the future. Hopefully they’ll be interested in watching our extended narrative series. You cannot find an experience like WandaVision in a motion picture. You use streaming for things you can’t get on the internet and you use movies for things you can’t get online. Additionally, everything seen in a theatre eventually transitions to streaming.

One of Marvel Studios’ finest choices, in my opinion, was to refrain from producing movies for direct-to-streaming on Disney+. By doing this, the shared universe can be caught up with without forcing casual MCU watchers to watch on Disney+. Despite the abundance of Disney+ original films, this wouldn’t work with a well-known brand like Marvel because one of the MCU’s greatest strengths is the fan-gathering theatrical experience. Kevin Feige is attempting to define it, and the experiences of seeing the past two Avengers films and Spider-Man: No Way Home are appropriate instances. The aforementioned films drew people together by serving as a gentle reminder that nothing beats watching a film in a packed cinema. Furthermore, streaming cannot duplicate the theatre experience. The bulk of MCU movies are currently available to view on Disney+.

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