With the Disney+ X-Men show, Marvel Studios reportedly has a large multi-season plan

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According to a recent leak, the length of the next X-Men ’97 Disney+ season has been disclosed. Disney’s streaming service will host the mutant-focused animated series when it premieres later this year, reintroducing viewers to the X-Men: The Animated Series universe. For doubtful fans, this spiritual successor project would “honour the effort” of what has gone before while also gaining the unique chance to “contribute to its legacy,” and it was something that the series’ creative team has been taught from the beginning. Nothing has been revealed about X-Men ’97 other than a little piece of artwork touting the X-Men squad that will appear in the series, but Marvel has insisted that the production is still on pace.

The X-Men ’97 Series’ Future

Marvel Studios’ X-Men ’97 is being planned as a four-season project for Disney+, according to renowned insider KC Walsh. In response to a fan’s tweet regarding the planned animated series, Walsh said that “it’s anticipated to last 4 seasons” and that it should premiere in “Fall 2023.” Only a few weeks ago, voice actor Cal Dodd from the television series X-Men: 1997 stated that production on Season 2 had already started. Dodd appeared in the studio again in a video posted on her own Twitter account, describing this sequel as “only the beginning” of the X-Men ’97 adventure. Season 2 had already been announced, but nobody knew that the recording had actually begun.

Marvel Studios has not confirmed anything, but the super-powered titan appears to have huge ambitions for this X-Men sequel series. The first five seasons and 76 episodes of X-Men: The Animated Series were released. If the 10-episode first season of X-Men ’97 serves as a guideline for the series, its sequel will increase the overall episode count by more than 50%. The X-Men universe will be shown in ’97 as being “far different from when the animated series was initially developed,” but the pseudo-sequel will have plenty of time to pay tribute to the legacy that the adored original series left behind.

Fans can anticipate the animated Disney+ series to last at least through 2026, with Season 1 scheduled to premiere this year and Season 2 currently in development. Until the conclusion of the Multiverse Saga in the MCU, there will be one season released per year. And this latest X-Men ’97 rumour could kill some of the aspirations of fans who were hoping to see Marvel’s band of Mutants enter the MCU before the end of Phase 6.

Before introducing any of its own interpretations of these X-Men characters, Marvel Studios will probably wait for this series to finish. This is not to suggest that until 1997 is over, there won’t be any X-Men or mutants showing up in the MCU; they’ll simply probably be legacy characters like these cartoon Variants or former Fox performers.

Although there is no official release date for X-Men ’97, it is anticipated to air this autumn on Disney+.

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