You will see Kate Bishop again before The Kang Dynasty

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Kate Bishop, the skilled archer and member of the Young Avengers, is set to make a return before the highly-anticipated “Kang Dynasty” storyline.

While details about her comeback are currently scarce, fans can expect to see Kate back in action as she joins forces with the rest of the Young Avengers to take on new challenges and threats. Her return is highly anticipated by fans, as she has been a popular character since her introduction in the comics.

Kate’s return also raises questions about her role in the upcoming “Kang Dynasty” storyline. Will she play a major role in the battle against the villainous Kang, or will she be focused on her own personal arc? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure: Kate’s return is sure to bring excitement and action to the pages of the Young Avengers comics.

Overall, Kate Bishop’s comeback is a great news for the fans of the character, and it adds a new layer of anticipation for the upcoming “Kang Dynasty” storyline. Her return will be a great addition to the comic series and it will be interesting to see how her story will be woven into the larger narrative.

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